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Philippe Olza created "CONTACT - première étape", at the invitation of the Festival d’Avignon 2004. It represented the first stage in a production process and took place under the auspices of "La vingt-cinquième heure" in the Salle Benoît XII. "CONTACT" was further developed at the Centre national de la danse in Paris/Pantin, and became the evening long production that is now "VOILÀ !". The theme of the evening is "The human body in mid-life". Two different aspects of the theme are dealt with: life experience leaves its mark on the body particularly so when a person's profession entails working with one's own body. After 40, the body does not have the same resources at its disposal, physical limitations appear and in their turn influence spiritual / emotional well-being. Furthermore creeping loneliness makes itself felt in sharp contrast to a superfluity of communication on various levels. It therefore becomes necessary to turn inwards, to listen to one's body, to perceive its changing state. The language of the performance is manifold. Interaction with the audience takes place on a visual, aural and verbal level. The evening begins with a podium discussion with well-known personalities from the region. The discussion deals with various aspects of the theme. The performance then slides into the solo dance project, a visual representation of the theme, which renders it tangible. The dance solo aims to review with humour, a state of being, of crisis is highlighted by means of certain light-heartedness. A spoken, danced, acted and stumbled dialogue with oneself and the Others. The dance language employed draws on several, very different elements from "romantic ballet", the language of the jester, dada, gymnastic dance, as well as the tragic-comic as associated e.g. with Buster Keaton all the while with the intention of creating a contemporary choreography. The choreography is driven by the desire to highlight the cynicism of the emotions in memorable fashion. "VOILÀ !" is about a man who catapults himself into space like a planet out of orbit, only to land on the universe of his red carpet. Olza invites us into this solitary universe, where the body wrestles with time, against the backdrop of the labyrinth that is interior life. Olza is accompanied by Hans Koch's music, an elaboration on the theme of vacuum cleaner.

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