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A piece directed by Paulo dos Santos, in co-production with the Seoul Ballet Theatre.

Two old friends meet each other again after a long time and discover a great many differences: the Korean is the leader of a well-known ballet company in Seoul, the Swiss is a freelance artist in the Helvetian off-scene. Both have ideas of what "good" life and "real" art are; both have a vision of how the world could be in an ideal case. It has in turn something to do with the Korean lifestyle that these differences do not lead to a damaging confrontation, but rather to a respectful dialogue; astoundingly, the expression "gdeo" has several meanings and forms the potential for this new, humorous dance-theatre production. The intercultural explosive matter provides for many violent, fragile, comical, tragic and absurd moments.

Following the dance-architecture project "Madame Monsieur" in the Cathedral of Basel and the talk show/dance performance "VOILĄ!" at the Sudhaus, Philippe Olza is realizing his third production in Basel, this time together with James Jeon. In his well-known, idiosyncratic style, he lets elements from all branches interact again this time too.
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