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MADAME MONSIEUR – European Cities of Culture 2000

Dance Music Architecture

Following the first stage of the project in Rome, MADAME MONSIEUR travelled to four of the "European Cities of Culture in the Year 2000". In order to present a choreography unique to each space, the event was created in keeping with each of the architectural environments. The development of the action however retained the same structure. The link between architecture and movement remained at the core of the performance. In order to do justice to each of the prestigious settings in which it was performed, the choreography, music, costumes and lighting were also adapted. The logistical, technical and financial organization was carried out in collaboration with local partners such as private organizations or public institutions.

Each of the following locations played host to the artists for a period of 14 days:

The renaissance Villa Decius in Cracow

The Gothic chapel of the Old Royal Palace of the renowned Prague Castle

The charming and intimate Museum Calvet in Avignon

The imposing West Norway Museum of Decorative Art in Bergen

The first week was devoted to a process of exploration and creation, which takes account of the particular architectural environment. At certain times visitors had the opportunity of observing and participating in the process of creation. The second week saw the outcome of this work in a series of public performances, which took place in the evening. Public rehearsals allowed the development of a dialogue with local artists and facilitated the integration of the event into the local environment. Each of the four "European Cities of Culture in the Year 2000" integrated the event into their official programme.



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